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Buying a Shot Ski? What to look for when you buy.

Posted by The Hammmerhead Shots Team on

You’ve made the decision – you’re going to buy your first Shot Ski. 

(Still not sure what a Shot Ski is?  Click here)

So, you’ve decided that drilling holes in an old ski that’s been sitting in your storage is not the way to go.  You have come to the decision that duct taping shot glasses to a stick is not for you.  Well, you are not alone!

Unless there is something very special about that old ski in storage (and something that your friends would appreciate), then it’s probably just going to look like what it is – an old ski with some holes drilled into it.   And you want a more sophisticated look. 

Or maybe you are not a skier, so showing up with an actual ski at your next party would look a bit strange. 

Either way, no problem! 

There are choices out there (mostly online).  You just need to make sure you buy the Shot Ski that fits your style and fits your budget. 

Since your “build or buy” decision came out as “buy” then the first thing you want to avoid is buying a Short Ski that looks like you made it yourself.  Or one that looks like your “handy” Uncle Bob made for you.  Either way, it would look like a DIY project and if you want a professional look then you want to avoid buying someone else’s project, right?     

Shot Skis with clunky metal brackets (sourced from China and) bolted on to a used ski, are probably not your first choice. 

Shot Skis made of foam or other unusual material (do look like a cool art project) but might not be the solid, quality item you seek. 

The best Shot Skis are made of hardwood, professionally engineered and manufactured, and individually inspected for quality.  They are finished to bring out the wood grain and often coated with a material that will stand up to spilling a little alcohol (that happens sometimes!)  They have a smooth, solid feel to them – not too heavy but also not too light. 

My advice is – go with quality – it speaks without saying a word, and never goes out of style.  Quality can be modern or classic.  Quality is cool.   

For example, check out Hammerhead’s Chill Blue – cool and quality all at the same time.

So good luck with your quest, my friend! 

And as you make your Shot Ski decision remember what Aristotle said, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” …or you can just choose the coolest one! 

Your friends at Hammerhead Shots.     

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