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How to do a Shot Ski

Posted by The Hammmerhead Shots Team on

New to the shot ski world?  Perhaps looking to improve your shot-ski-shooting technique?  

Look no further as we address this timely topic in this post.  

A friend once told me that doing a shot ski is a bit like learning to play golf.  It’s easy to get started, but hard to get really good at it. There’s some truth in this statement.  Taking that first shot is easy to do, but consistently taking the fifth or sixth shot without spilling can be a challenge!  And of course, no one likes to look like that shot ski amateur that spilled their drink on themselves.

Here at HammerHead Shots, we understand your struggle and we are dedicated to helping you perfect your shot ski technique.  

Let’s begin…

The easiest thing to do is to find a hot tub, some friends (or soon to be friends!) and do your shots in the hot tub.  If you spill a few drops … no one will know.

The next easiest technique is to find a group that has already been drinking for the last several hours.  They will be spilling way more than you. And if your technique is not perfect, they probably will not notice!  

Neither of the above scenarios playing out for you?  No problem - here’s your guide to doing a shot in style:

  • Select your beverage of choice.  This will depend on a number of factors, including your alcohol tolerance, your preferred drinks, and how much you’ve had to drink already.  It’s all just common sense. But make sure to choose wisely and know your limits.

  • Consider Height Differences.  Height is not an issue if you and the other ‘shot ski shooters’ are all within a few inches of each other.  But if there is a lot of variation between the heights of the ‘shotskiers’ make sure to line everyone up tallest to shortest. This will ensure that a short person isn’t stuck between two tall people and end up with their drink spilled on top of their head.  (Note: unless the short guy happens to be that mean ski instructor or that annoying guy from the office and then maybe you do want to put him in the middle).

  • Be Prepared.  If you’re new to drinking from a shot ski, keep a napkin handy, so you don’t have to wipe any possible spillage of on your sleeve.

  • Timing.  Someone will grab that ski and turn it towards him or herself, whether you’re prepared or not.  Use your eagle-eye peripheral vision, and cat-like sense of timing to watch your fellow shotskiers and anticipate the tipping point.  You don’t want to end up with your drink all over your face so be cautious here.

  • Shot Ski Time.  When the group is ready, someone usually calls out a countdown. Grab the ski with one or both hands.  And on “one” open up and let her rip.

  • The Ending.  High-five your compadres (yes, even that mean short guy - time to forgive and forget) and get some more drinks!

I will leave you with one last piece of wisdom which highlights that successful shot ski technique isn’t everything.  After all, like a wise old ski buddy once told me: shot skiing is like real skiing - if you don’t spill every once in a while, then your probably not trying hard enough!   

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