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Origins of the Shot Ski

Posted by The Hammmerhead Shots Team on

Dear reader and venerable shot ski enthusiast:  you may not have realized that every time you raise your shot-ski you are paying homage to an ancient drinking tool and ritual.  In this blog post, we look at the evolution of early drinking tools and discover the ancient origins of the shot ski. 

There may be many articles on the internet about “the origins of the shot ski” but I ask you - are they scientific?  And have they gone to the great depth that the Hammerhead Historic Drinking Society’s research team has?   

We begin our journey lost in the mists of prehistoric time.  Early man had a limited lifespan of about 35 years.  This meant that he had to use every minute of his time carefully and of course party as much as possible during his brief life.  The rare photos below (taken with prehistoric Flintstone-like camera technology) show early man as he prepares to go out for a night on the town.  We can also see the very first cave drawings showing a shot ski-like device held triumphantly overhead. 

 Primitive Shot Ski

We now move forward in our timeline to the great civilization of Ancient Egypt.  These are the dudes that built the pyramids, invented beer, mummified their leaders, and invented beer.  Perhaps because they seemed to live in a dessert (and this means very limited snowfall) we cannot find evidence of shot ski technology developing further here.  But we have uncovered some indications that they did invent the Drinking Straw. 

The Ancient Romans where awesome partiers.  In fact, they partied so hard it’s probably why there are no Ancient Romans around today.  They were incredible engineers and built roads, aqueducts, and temples.  They also applied their technological minds towards perfecting the shot ski so they could celebrate while watching various gladiatorial combat events (Ancient Roman MMA).   See illustration below. 

 Roman Shot Ski

Fast forward to modern times.  We have come a long way with our shot ski technology.  In more recent years an innovative company called Hammerhead Shots even invented the worlds first shot ski with lights.  And Modern Man now engages in much more civilized drinking (would Early Man wear a nice hotel bathrobe like in the photo below?  I think not.) 

 Modern Shot Ski

So, there you have it history buffs.  A thorough, well researched and entirely factual history of the shot ski.  We hope you enjoyed it.   

Take care – your friends at HammerHead Shots. 

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