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Sharks, Giraffes and Shot Skis

Posted by The Hammmerhead Shots Team on

Hello, shot ski people! I must say that I never thought I would write a blog post with a title like the one above.  

But, have you ever wondered about the mating habits of sharks and giraffes?  

No?  Me neither, until now.  

Then a few days ago, one of my snowboarding buddies from Canada (it’s ok, he is a shot ski man too, so he’s cool) sent me this photo:

Shark on Giraffe

As you can see there is a shark which looks a bit like our logo (it’s not our logo of course) and it appears to be “on top of” a giraffe.  We get a lot of positive feedback from our shot ski friends and customers, but this one stood out for obvious reasons!   

We’ve been having some fun with this image noting how “Any resemblance to our real logo is purely coincidental.”  And “Our logo has never engaged in any such behavior with a giraffe”.  

But after some reflection, I thought there may be a deeper message here.  

After all Hammerhead Shots is in the business of bringing people together and having a drink with a shot ski.  Sometimes long-term friends take a shot ski together.  Sometimes people become friends only after they do a shot ski.  

Can you think of two more different and diverse creatures than a giraffe and a shark?  

What if sharks and giraffes could do a shot ski together.  But giraffe necks are so much longer than shark necks (I’m not sure sharks even have necks).  So getting the shot ski lined up might be difficult.  But maybe their differences would attract.  As long as the shark did not eat the giraffe they might become friends.  I guess … it’s complicated.  

So I went online to see if anyone else has been thinking the same thing.  Believe it or not, I found some awesome art (*) that speaks to the giraffe/shark relationship issue.   Check this out…  

Shark and Giraffe
(*) art by Maria Gulland

It’s a beautiful picture.  And we now have a happy ending to our story!   

And yes, as you may have guessed, I am writing this after doing several test shots with our new line of shot skis – check them out.  

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