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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Shot Ski?

You probably already know, or you wouldn’t be on this site – right? A shot ski is a long board which can hold several shot glasses. A group of friends come together and use it to take a shot at the same time. Shot skis originated in après ski culture but now you can find them in many different places such as bars, house parties and anywhere friends gather for a good time. It’s just more fun to shoot together!
Who is HammerHead Shots?  
HammerHead Shots is dedicated to making your parties great again!  We’re “work-hard, party-hard” people.  And we’ve worked really hard to give you the best drinking tools possible so you can make your parties the best ever!   
I’ve never seen a Shot Ski light up before… it must be unique?    
You are correct. Only HammerHead Shots has the technology to create the world’s first lit shot ski. Each shot glass sits in a holder that lights up, and each light has several modes of operation (flashing, steady on, and so on). The different colors of alcohol glow and the entire experience is …well, you know …lit!

The lights are awesome and they are rated for many hours of continuous use. So, unless you pass out and leave them on, they should last for a really long time! And either way, they can be replaced as we do sell a light replacement kit.

HammerHead Shots also offers the same awesome shot skis without the lights. These are less expensive and easier to maintain.

What are HammerHead Shot Skis made of? 
At Hammerhead Shots we think products made of natural materials are cool.  Our shot skis are a labor of love as we build and inspect each one.  HammerHead shotskis are made of premium American hardwood.  Each product is precisely machine engineered and high-end finished.  Each of our Shot Skis is truly beautiful and like a work of art, and no two are exactly the same.   
HammerHead shotskis are high-end, elegant and made of top quality materials.  Don’t settle for some second-rate ski with holes drilled through it, or one with big clunky metal shot glass holders.  You don’t want to be the chump who walks through the door with “your father’s shot ski” from the 70s.  A HammerHead shot ski is sleek, sexy, top-shelf drinking equipment.  Oh, and of course, no other shot ski is going to light up for you.  Just watch your friends faces when you turn up those lights!         
Do I get shot glasses included as part of my purchase?
Yes you do!

But the glasses are different depending on which product line you purchase.

If you buy the excellent shot ski without lights then you get 4 disposable shot glasses. This model of shot ski takes many types of shot glasses so there is a very good chance you can make your shot glasses work.

If you buy the premium shot ski with lights then you get 4 premium glass shot glasses. The shot ski models with lights work best with transparent glass shot glasses. If you need more of these shot glasses, they can be ordered on our site.

Remember that shot glasses come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Your shot ski will hold many types of them, but some are just weird looking shapes and are not going to work. This is why we have included 4 shot glasses made especially to fit your ShotSki. You unpack your HammerHead shot ski, put in your set of complementary shot glasses and you are literally seconds away from taking your first shot. Boom!
Do you ship to countries outside the USA?
Yes.  At HammerHead Shots we think everyone deserves a quality synchronized drinking experience.  It’s a great way to have fun and make friends.  If we can make the world a better place by shipping worldwide then you bet that’s what we’re going to do. 
I work at a bar.  Can HammerHead Shots help me?
Absolutely.  Shot skis and bars work well together!  Why sell one shot at a time, when you can sell four – right?  Shot skis build atmosphere and are awesome at sports bar celebrations.  Message us here and let’s talk.  Wholesale discounts available. 
I want to be famous.  What do I do?  
We can make you famous! (well, sort of...) 
Take a video, or take some shots (we mean photos) of you and your friends using HammerHead products. Post it using the #HammerHeadShots and we may feature you on our site or social media. Just keep it clean people!

Other questions or comments?
Contact us here
And remember: 
Always drink responsibly.  Know when to stop.  Never drink and drive.  And take care of each other.    
             Cheers!  From your friends at HammerHead Shots