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Premium Chill Blue


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Surf any party with the cool look of the Premium HammerHead Chill-Blue 4-shooter Shot Ski.
Made of genuine USA hardwood with an awesome blue finish.

Like all Premium HammerHead Shot Ski products it features:
• Revolutionary multi-mode lights on each shot holder (Only HammerHead has them!)
• Ready to use out-of-the-box with a set of 4 removable clear glass shot glasses
• Glasses are held in place with our exclusive HammerHold™ polymer technology

This solid wood shot ski is distinguished by exceptional quality, sleek design, and enduring value. A combination of precision machine engineering and handcrafted perfection, every HammerHead shot ski is made from sustainably harvested premium USA hardwood. There are no veneers, no particle board or other inferior materials. With a Hammerhead shot ski, you can see the wood grain and appreciate the unique natural beauty this solid wood creation.

Throwing a party is an awesome way to celebrate life and enjoy an evening with your friends. Our passion for this sort of fun inspires us to create beautiful and functional shot skis designed to last forever.

Finest quality. Satisfaction assured.

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